Ch2 Practice Test A Percentages

Numeric Response


Jim’s car insurance has increased from $3,500 to $4,200 this year.  If his insurance increases by the same percentage, what will be the cost of his car insurance at the end of next year?



A rectangle has length 25 inches and width 17 inches.  If these dimensions are both increased by 20%, by how many square inches will the area of the rectangle be increased?



Jim bought his website for  $800 and sold it for $992.  What was the percent of markup?



What is the sum of 13% of 300 and 300% of 13?



Given that 75% of a certain number is 24, what is nr005-1.jpg    of this number?



Given that 105% of a number is 84, what is the number?



If nr007-1.jpgof a certain number is added to the number, the result is 120. What is the number?



A 200% increase is the same as a 50% increase followed by what other percent increase?



How many liters of water must be added to 50 liters of a 30% salt solution in order to produce a 25% salt solution?



Twenty percent of the 40 boys in a class live in a condo.  Thirty percent of the 60 girls in the class also live in a condo.  What percent of the students in the class live in a condo?



The Flames have won 30% of their first 60 games.  If they win their next 15 games in a row, what percent of all of their games will they have won?



The cost of James’ house insurance is equal to 0.5% of the value of his house.  In 2014, the value of his house was $1,250,000 and in 2015, the value was 1,350,000.  What was the increase in his house insurance?



Tom took a loan of $30,000 from G&F Financial.  The interest rate on the loan is 3% annually.  If he didn’t make any payments, how much interest will he owe after 2 years?



Todd bought a new mercedes benz for $70,000.  His car insurance was $3000.  What percentage was his car insurance?



Eric bought a new lamborghini.  His car insurance was $4500 and was 4% of the value of his car.  How much was Eric’s car worth in dollars?


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